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How A Gas Log Fireplace Can Add Value To Your Home

How a gas log fire can add value to your home

Gas log fireplaces have fast become the cornerstone to any new home and are a highly desirable feature of any existing home. The question is, do they add value to your home?  The simple answer is yes, they most certainly do and here’s how.

Gas fireplaces have now transitioned to not only being a beautiful focal point of your family’s entertaining area aesthetically, but they are now a genuine cost efficient and reliable heating source as well. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of realtors, homeowners ranked a fireplace as one of the most coveted additions to their home.

How Does It Add Value?

Let’s get down to the juicy stuff that really matters. The National centre for real estate research released a recent study that showed on average, adding a fireplace to your home boosts values by 12%! Further to that, nearly 70% of real estate agents surveyed stated that they notice home values increase whenever a fireplace is present in a home.

Tips To Ensure The Fireplace Adds Value To Your Home

These are staggering figures! So how can you add maximum value to your home without over capitalising?

  • Buy Australian Made
  • Buy the fireplace when it’s on sale.
  • Try not to pay 10k or more or the value the fireplace can add may be lost. Depending on the size of the heater.
  • Buy direct from a manufacturer to improve the overall costs.

Just encase you were thinking about a gas fireplace and needed some assurances, check out below.

  • Fireplaces are shown to encourage socialising
  • They are a main focal/talking point in any living area.
  • New model gas fireplaces are economic and a great way to heat your main living zones/alfresco area
  • MOST importantly – Can add an average of 12% more value to your home.
  • Who doesn’t like enjoying a wine and a chat by the fireplace?
  • Illusion Gas Log Fires are 100% Australian made and offer unbeatable interest free finance options.

A Gas Fireplace Can Help Sell Your Home Too.

Still not convinced. Here is Julie’s remarkable story!

Julie Ortiz from Bayswater recently sold her house after 6 weeks on market. After minimal enquiry over the first 4 weeks, her real estate agent suggested installing a gas log fire as the main feature of their living room. After updating all of their marketing with the new fireplace and main entertaining area, enquiry picked up immediately.

Not only did her property sell within 2 weeks but she got $17,000 more than the asking price due to a competitive renewed interest. Julie said that the thing that sold the house in the end was the gas log fireplace that the buyers just absolutely loved.

With so many reasons to purchase a gas log fire, you can’t go wrong. There are so many options for many different applications and heating capacities. Speak with a home heating consultant from Illusion Gas Log fires today. With over 25 years’ experience in ingenuity, technology, quality craftsmanship and value, they will be sure to provide the best option for your requirement.

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