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How To Choose A Gas Log Fireplace In 2023

How To Choose A Gas Log Fireplace In 2023

Choosing a gas log fireplace has the potential to become an important decision making factor for the home.

There are many gas log fireplace suppliers in the Australian marketplace.

All of them have their redeeming features along with similarities too.

Gas Log Fireplace Use

First you’ll need to decide whether the fireplace is intended to be your primary source of heating for your living room, or is it for aesthetic reasons and creating ambient atmosphere for entertainment.

Clearly defining what you need is absolutely the first step in identifying the fireplace that you need for your home.

What suits the area - Insert, Freestanding or Inbuilt?

The choice between the three depends on what interior elements there are to work with.

Where an open hearth fireplace exists, an insert gas log fireplace can be a replacement. This becomes a sensible option where existing space can be reused and costs minimised. Other considerations are the size of the fireplace unit to adequately fit the space, and the flue options using the existing chimney or running a flue up inside the chimney instead.

A Freestanding fireplace option becomes viable when there are no design or space restrictions. The type of unit and the venting solution then become the key considerations.

An Inbuilt fireplace option has more design decisions to take into account, whether it's a new home build or a remodelling project. A 'faux wall' to house this type of unit along with a venting solution is required. Of the three options this one has the potential to be the most complex, however, the final look can also be the most impressive.


If you decided earlier on the gas fireplace being used as your main source of heating, well you need to ensure that the size of the heater can heat the required square meterage for your house.

You don’t want to go after looks and then figure out it doesn’t heat the area.

And secondly, a gas log fireplace which is either too large or too small for the room space will not only look out of place but may run up unnecessary cost.


Placement decisions applies most to freestanding and inbuilt gas log fireplaces.

Inbuilt options have a fixed placement position (existing hearth/fireplace) so there is no real flexibility.

Matching Decor

The most common units being sold at the moment are of a dark grey charcoal colour with inner stainless steal.

But you can visit our product range to see the entire range of colours that are available or talk to one of our heating experts for more.

Cost of installation of a gas log fireplace

The following are a list of things to consider before deciding on your gas fireplace.

  • the cost of the unit
  • the cost of the installation – This is always on a case by case install. It is impossible to estimate without seeing the space, the heater and the work required.
  • the cost of a flue, which in some cases is not part of the cost for the fireplace unit. This is dependant on the the angle the unit is being flued and then the distance it needs to travel
  • The cost of any additional features that are considered 'add-ons'.

Comparable features

With so many brand to choose from, it can be hard.

A wide range of imported Canadian models, to cheap Chinese to our very own Australian Made!

But there are some features you need to definitely compare.

All gas log fireplace’s in Australia all must conform to minimum Australian standards.

The build design may differ between manufacturer's but safety standards for instance must meet the minimum.

So while looking, ask what standards the unit adheres to and if they go above and beyond the minimum standards.

Gas log fireplace warranties are a must, here at Illusion, we offer a 10 year warrant on all fireboxes.

Make sure you check what’s covered and what’s not covered on your new fireplace.

Service and Maintenance

Every gas log fireplace unit comes with a manufacturers manual.

It will contain all the technical details of the unit purchased.

From a maintenance perspective, a gas log fireplace should be inspected on an annual basis by an authorised representative.

You should compare service and maintenance costs between suppliers as these are usually set prices per year you will need to pay.


Most of our gas log fireplaces will have additional features, though not all have the same specifications.

Listed are some features. If any are a requirement for the fireplace you are interested in, then check the specifications of the unit on our website, or talk to one of our Sales Representatives directly.

  • remote controls
  • thermostat controls
  • multi-speed fan controls
  • electronic ignition
  • double glazed glass
  • powered flue
  • child locks
  • mesh guards

Adding value to the home

The installation of a gas log fireplace can become a key part of the equation when assessing the major selling points of a home.

It's addition may be the very reason that helps sell the property in the years ahead.

Overall there is a lot to consider when deciding to add a gas log fireplace to your house or build.

Speaking to the right people who know the products inside and out is the most crucial part of the puzzle.

Speak to one of our home heating experts today. 

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