Gas Log fireplace Buying Guide

Warm your home this winter with an exquisite illusion gas fireplace courtesy of Illusion Fires. Whether you’re looking for an ultra modern gas log fireplace, a simple fireplace or one that oozes of class and luxury then we’ve got you covered.

You are spoilt for choice

With 6 options to choose from, you can never go wrong. The ultra modern Luminar range is the latest addition in our collection. If stylish, sleek, ambient is what you are looking for then this option will do for you. Other gas log fires you can opt for include the Realistic range, Matrix range, Epirit, Millennium and Mystique range.

A buying guide tailored for you

A fireplace fitted with a gas log set offers a number of advantages over the conventional wood-burning one. Not only does gas burn cleaner than wood, it also produces more heat. Here’s what you should consider when buying gas log fires’ set:

  • Gas type: propane vs. Natural gas – the latter is less dense than air which means that you can use it without a safety pilot (all the same we don’t advise you to do without the safety pilot). Propane on the other hand contains more carbon hence it burns up to three times hotter. It’s readily available.
  • Vented vs. ventless – a vented gas set often creates a realistic look of rich yellow flames licking the logs. However, they require a damper which makes the set less energy efficient. A ventless gas log fire produces less waste and is energy efficient. In this case, 99% of the heat produced is circulated around the room.

• Other factors: your budget, size of the room and control options available also factor in.

Visit our showroom and check out how your place will look with our world class, in-built gas log fire set. Hurry up. There is an exclusive renovator special offer for the first 100 customers.