Find Out What Makes Free Standing Gas Fireplaces The Ideal Heating Option For Your Home.

For centuries now, fire has played a critical role in human survival. The list of its applications is endless, with the most common uses of fire being cooking, lighting, and heating. In as much as cooking and lighting have always been the primary uses of fire, using it for heating is also very common.

In today’s modern houses, having a fireplace has become a very common thing. This is because apart from providing warmth, Fireplaces also help improves a home’s decor and ambience. They usually make any home feel warm, cozy and very cordial for those residing in it. What do you do if you want a fireplace, yet your house was not built with a fireplace extension? Well! Have you tried getting yourself a FreeStanding Gas Fireplace (also called free standing gas stoves)?

For those unfamiliar with this type of fireplace, a Free Standing Gas Fireplace is a very energy efficient and low maintenance heating option for any home. The best part about this type of fireplace is that it can be vented out through the wall using the direct vent design, it can also use your home’s existing chimneys, or even better, you can have a new vent installed through the roof. That’s not all! A Free Standing Gas Fireplace can prove extremely viable when you need to heat many different spaces.


Having a Free Standing Gas Fireplace Lets You Enjoy the Following Merits;

* Energy efficiency – Statistics have shown that Free Standing Gas Fireplace often lower a home’s heating bills by almost 25%. This makes it the perfect option if you are planning to cut down on your home’s heating expenses.

* Clean and Efficient – These stoves have been tailored for maximum efficiency; which means you no longer have to clean the ashes on a regular basis.

* Easy To Operate – It only takes a click of a button to heat your home.

* More Variety – Free Standing Gas Fireplaces have been designed to blend into any home’s decor. This means you don’t have to worry about them ruining your home’s perfect interior design.


It is no secret that illusion Fires manufacture only the best Free Standing Gas Fireplaces in Australia, you can visit one of our world class showrooms to find the ideal gas fireplace for your home!