Why am I having to change my batteries so frequently In my remote and receiver?

This is to do with the thermostat function being left ON. Even when your remote is in the OFF position your thermostat is still defiantly turned ON and using the batteries. This will also cause your heater to turn on and off by its self as it is set to the thermostat and once temperature drops in your room, the heater will turn on to maintain a set temperature.

How do I ensure thermostat mode is off using my remote?

Pressing the thermometer button on your remote will turn this ON and OFF. Ensure your thermometer on your screen is showing OFF before pressing the power off button.

What if I do not want to use my remote anymore?

You can use your fireplace manually using the switch on your receiver box simply moving the switch to ON and OFF.

How much is a general service for my gas heater?

  • A general service is $350.00 which includes:
  • Remove and clean fan
  • Remove and clean logs
  • Vacuum firebox, particularly the burner and gas jets
  • Vacuum all other areas
  • Clean the glass
  • Test all functions
  • Check for gas leaks
  • Carbon Monoxide test(any replacement parts are not including in the price of a general service, these are extra on top of the general service cost)

How much is a Call Out to fix a problem with my heater?

For example. If you cannot light your pilot light of sync your remote and receiver and have a broken part on your heater you would like repaired, the cost for the call out fee is $150.00 plus any parts needed on top. If no parts are needed just the call out fee will be charged.

How long is the warranty period on my heater for?

Your heater and all parts inside the heater have a 1 year warranty.
If you have used an illusion or ultimate subcontracted plumber for installation, you also have a 1 year warranty on installation also.
Your firebox has a 10-year warranty.

Can I convert my gas fire place from natural gas to LPG or vice versa?

Yes you can, the cost for a conversion kit is $150.00 and the kits are readily available.

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